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Do you observe and acknowledge your way of being and acting which results in causing a better world?

People are giving their best effort given the information and experience they have.  It is common that a person cannot see how their behavior is causing a rippling effect. I often find a person does not realize how amazing they are. Really! It’s as if they are so caught up in the game of life that they don’t take the time to observe what it is that they are doing or not doing to make life work or not work and in that they can overlook the magnitude of their own greatness.

In no order of importance, here are some possible ways you already cause a better world:

  • Acknowledging yourself for all of the ways you make a contribution to others.
  • Acknowledging to another the contribution they make to you.
  • Simply listening, with love, to someone who needs to be heard.
  • Acknowledging another for a job well done.
  • Acknowledging another for the contribution they make to others.
  • Taking an interest in what is important to another, although it’s not what you’re interested in.
  • Acknowledging another for their creative genius.
  • Finding a positive response, rather than a negative response.
  • Saying you’re sorry when you made a mistake.
  • Putting the correction in on the mistake, so next time you don’t make the same mistake.
  • Instead of drop kicking the idiot that just loused up, you find out what went wrong, you educate them on how to do it properly and acknowledge their commitment to “be” and “do” their best.
  • Telling your parent, spouse, kid, friend, etc., that you love them.  I know “they know”.
  • Acknowledging something you like about the other person.
  • Doing what you said you would do before or by when you said you would do it.
  • Having compassion for the person asking for help and helping them.
  • Forgiving the past and creating a future in a more workable and harmonious manner.
  • Appreciating a person for who they are, rather than expecting them to be like you.
  • When you feel like biting someone’s head off, counting to 10 and then responding with love.
  • Foregoing the urge to get back at someone, even if they do deserve it and extending kindness.
  • Asking for help when you need it and/or allowing another to help you.
  • Saying “I don’t know”, instead of bluffing your way through.
  • Ethically, you know you answer to yourself and you are going to do the right thing.
  • What ways did you imagine as you were reading my ideas?

Congratulations for making a difference in the world. Your contribution to all you touch is valuable and very much appreciated, even if people don’t acknowledge the contribution you make to them, I know that you are a valuable resource of generosity of spirit and kind heartedness.

In reading so far, did you by any chance come upon an area of your life where you could do better?

Here is one example from the standpoint of business: When I go to a client’s office, I love to observe how the owner interacts with the employees, how one employee interacts with another employee and how they all interact with the customer.

Believe it or not, this is a critical point for success in a business. It is ALL about being related, especially in the face of an unfulfilled expectation on the part of the customer, anyone’s bad mood or even a broken promise. You can have the best product in the world and if the employees of the company are breaking promises and not making the customer feel important, the business will generate less revenue.

Look no further! Any tensions in a work environment will lower the possibility of higher revenue. And, there are simple and workable tools for people to apply to create more happiness and higher revenue.

Even with a business owner that is tracking statistics, if the employee’s aren’t happy that statistic will be lower than it will be with employees that are having fun and causing a future that forwards the agenda.

Serving the customer is the most important aspect of having a business flourish and prosper.

We can agree on that, right?! Of course, you have to have a good product. But, does the product come first or do the people come first? People! People always come first. If you don’t have a good product you are not going to make it in business. That’s a no brainer.

WHO is the most important customer to the business owner?

  • The new customer?
  • The loyal customer?
  • The customer who purchases the most product?
  • What did you come up with that I missed writing here?

In my opinion, the first and most important customer to the business owner is the employee and second in line is the consumer.

If the employee is unhappy with the business owner and/or other employees, it will reveal itself in the contact with the customer and in revenue.

I love to interview the business owner and the employee’s to find out what is working and not working for them in their position and/or how the business is being run. People know and given the opportunity they will gladly give their point of view about what works and what doesn’t work. Often, the owner does not have the full picture of what is really going on in their business.

I coached a medical doctor who had a general medical and alternative medicine practice.

I observed a doctor giving his staff direction with a lack of affinity and respect, a slightly cranky staff devoted to serving him and his patients, equaling a lackluster in everyone’s way of being and, although people were being nice, it was WAY too serious; the spirit of generosity and play was gone. Look, I’m all for professionalism and serving the customer, but tension in an office environment doesn’t work.

I met with each person and told them that it was completely safe to “tell it like it is” and assured them that the intention was to gather data to make things better. People see what isn’t working and love to make a contribution and get the correction put in.

After gathering all of the data, I met with the doctor and informed him that the first item on the agenda to address was his relationship with his staff. He couldn’t imagine where I was going with this because in his world he was being a doctor and serving his patients and “it was all good”.

“The only foes that threaten America are the enemies at home, and these are ignorance, superstition and incompetence.”  ~ Elbert Hubbard

I proposed that he meet privately with each employee to acknowledge their valuable contribution and how much he appreciated them. I also proposed that he give each person a bonus; just a small, “didn’t see it coming” bonus that accompanied his acknowledgement and appreciation. I assured him that this would make a big difference to the staff. So, the doctor agreed.

The first person the doctor met with walked out crying. I asked, “What happened?!” They told me they had been with the doctor for years and he had never expressed his appreciation for their contribution, when in fact, their life was orchestrated around serving him and his patients.

This whole idea of meeting with each staff member was a very successful action and well received. The doctor did not realize he was unappreciative and the staff did not realize the doctor valued their service to him and his patients.  It created a whole new dimension in communication and creating a future.

A doctor is one of the greatest contributions to humanity that exists on the planet. It is essential that the doctor has the business matters handled by ethical and kind hearted people with a like-minded attitude about serving people. It’s not just a “job”, it’s a way of being in service to others, handling the matters necessary to run a business and creating an environment in which everyone flourishes and prospers.

In the process it was revealed that two staff people were creating unhappiness for the doctor and other staff. We addressed this with a seminar that the staff loved. It changed for the better the interactions of everyone, except the two troublemakers, who were unwilling to even look at what they were doing as possibly being upsetting to those around them. It does happen that people are unwilling to look.

The doctor let one person go, but the other person was wonderful, had been with him for many years and he could not bring himself to let them go. Given the doctor was religious, we prayed for the person to receive an offer that was too good to pass up and would better serve another doctor. The offer came. The person was thrilled for the new opportunity and happily departed. Woohoo! Everyone won.

While it’s important to be aware of the value you contribute to others, would you agree that it could be in your best interest to inquire into the possibility of what is not working and put in workable solutions, or to look at what could be possible to flourish and prosper that you could be overlooking?!

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With great love and respect … thank you!


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