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Diane’s Success Story

Janie has been a huge part of my journey into the life I am creating right now. The life I have always wanted to live. Not only has she been supportive, but she helped shift many of my old ways of thinking. I used to think that I had to wait for something to shift before I could do anything, but the reality of that is, the shift must come from me first. Janie has helped to recreate the thought process. The other day I was struggling with some things and I messaged her. All I did was talk about what I know I needed and within a little while I realized that I had been putting a ton of my focus and energy into a situation that was only draining me of the things that I needed to put into creating this life. Janie has helped me to be able to see and look at life and relationship in a totally different perspective. Where I have responsibility for my thoughts. These thoughts and past ways of thinking have a direct effect on where I am today.

I am so grateful for her constant and consistent, love, friendship and support. These are qualities that are often rare in this world we live in. I have also come to appreciate how honest and real I can be with Janie. When she tells you that she wants you to be honest in how you are feeling about anything. Janie means that! I have never felt truly safe in telling someone how they or their words have affected me. But I have had a few very real, open and honest conversations that have only strengthened our friendship. Janie and I connected just last fall, and her friendship came at just the right time. I had just lost my mom in August and 14 months previously I lost my dad. The timing of her coming into my life was no coincidence! God has a way of working things always for our good, and is it ever good to have this very wonderful friend and mentor in my life.

I am truly blessed and honoured by her professionalism, care, compassion, sincerity, love and the value she desires to bring into every friendship. I look forward to what we will create in the future. Her friendship and mentoring has blessed my life.

Diane Kathryn
Founder; Tenacious Women

Noah’s Success Story

Every time I get off the call with my mentor Janie, I am enlightened with a new skill. Janie always goes out of her way to make sure I’m comfortable while being uncomfortable to allow me to really push myself, and she also makes sure I’m enjoying life and appreciating the small things, while shooting for bigger things than I can even imagine!

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~ Noah Brewer

Janie’s Story

In 1970, I got into Buddhism for about 6 months. Although it was not my path to continue in that religion, I found the Buddhists to be very kind and loving people, just like me.

I learned to chant and could actually feel the vibration of the cellular structure rise to a place where the cells would actually feel as if they were dancing. It was magical.

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