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Dan’s Success Story

Dan’s Success Story

All in ONE MONTH!! I got my life back out of working with Janie.

I am literally blown away!

One month ago, I was living in a tired old home in Reno where I ended up after moving away from my family in Southern California 3 years ago-  after serious financial and marriage devastation. I was on a downward spiral since moving here. And I had reached a point where I was unsure of where my next meal would come from. I had no real income – only a check now and then for the little projects that I could muster up with my stalled and stagnant coaching business.

I had no transportation having had to unload my car in Orange County after I moved to Reno. And I was on the tail end of a 3.5 week cough and cold that had me bed-ridden. To make matters even worse during this illness, an 8 year, long distance relationship with whom I believed to be the love of my life, came to an end. My life was TOTALLY turned upside down. I felt like I had NOTHING of value in my life. I felt I had no purpose, no love, no respect, and definitely had no resources. 61 years old and my life felt meaningless and over.

In desperation, I reached out to old friends in LinkedIn. Janie, who I had last connected with over 30 years ago, responded to me. Funny thing about Janie is that over the years, every time I heard the song, “You Can Do Magic”, by America, I was reminded of Janie. So when she responded, there was no hesitation to speak with her. And after a few conversations, I jumped all in to engage her as my coach.

I had my doubts of course. But I was desperate. What has happened in the past 30 days is nothing short or magical and miraculous.

First, I continue to recover from the relationship, but I’m inspired in the way I have recovered and what is next for my life. And it spawned a book I’m writing of my 8 year journey with incredible support and interest from family, friends, and a publisher.

Following that, what seemed to be out of the blue, a company in Orange County contacted me and offered me stability there with a wonderful job working with a great boss, providing me a super car, and real friendship and support to returning there to restore my family. I’m moving there in 2 weeks!!

I have more clarity, certainty, confidence, and intention for my life than EVER. And I mean EVER!

All in ONE MONTH!! I got my life back out of working with Janie. SHE can do MAGIC, or maybe better said … she helped me restore MINE!  Thank you, thank you, thank you Janie for seeing who I am when I couldn’t.

Love and deep appreciation,