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When I began Life Coaching I thought I just wanted to help people be happier and make more money. It’s still like that for me, although that idea reaches into everything to do with success in life.

In 1980, my first experience as a Life Coach was with a new business owner who thought he did NOT like sales. I saw sales as a simple no brainer, so it was easy and fun to teach him a new perspective and tools, which he could use for the rest of his life.

As a Life Coach, my commitment is to serve a person in accomplishing their goals.

Time and time again I have seen a wonderful person with a passionate vision for their future, goals that are worthy of accomplishment and in some way, shape or form the person is coming up against barriers that are stopping them.

I imagine you have encountered a salesperson that was on you like white on rice with all of their sales techniques, trying to sell you on what you already wanted to buy in the first place.

Just like the first guy I coached, who hated sales and did not see himself as a sales person at all. He had ideas and experiences around sales that were just not good.

Can you imagine creating a successful future with counter-productive ideas?

One of the greatest experiences I have ever had with a sales person was when I had to purchase a new car because some yahoo had stolen my fully loaded Acura Integra. I was not happy to be car shopping.

I went to a car auction to check out the scene. Although I had never been attracted to BMW’s there was this beautiful black BMW on the lot, so I thought I’d sit in it and turn the engine over. “OMIGOD! Who do I make the check payable to?”  When I walked into the sales office to pay for the car, I was met with a sleazy sales person and it was all over.

The biggest BMW dealership in the San Francisco Bay Area is Weatherford BMW in Emeryville, so I thought I would go check out their inventory. I was on guard! I walked into a huge warehouse full of BMW’s and was met by the very friendly, Sunil, who asked if I could look around while he finished up with another customer.

Now, I walked in the door knowing exactly how much money I wanted to spend on a car. I did not have a clue what I wanted. It was going to be one of those “vibration” choices, although I knew it had to be fast and have a killer stereo system.

While Sunil is finishing the cycle with his customer, I find the car I want, which isn’t even on the sales floor yet, there is no price tag on the car, it’s filthy and, “Oh, by the way, I don’t have an interest in driving it because I know it’s my car, so will you please just tell me the price?”

He actually laughed at me. Yeah! No, I am not joking. I do not want to drive the car. He refused to sell me the car without driving it and sent me out ALONE to test drive the car. It was a slice of heaven.

To make a long story short, Sunil’s attitude was “I’m your new best friend and I am here to serve you”.

The car was priced beyond what I wanted to pay. There was NO haggling. I just said, “Sunil, this is my car and this is how much money I have to spend. Please tell your boss I am completely serious, have cash and work it out so I can have that car.”

“Oh, it’s a 1991 535i? Whatever!”

It makes me laugh so hard right now telling you this, but I did not have a clue what a 535i was.

I just knew that was my car.

Sunil, and the Sales Manager, Byron, worked it out!

I serviced my car there for 10 years and always got the royal treatment from my friend, Richard, in the service department and ALL of the people there!

In my experience, these guys are professionals and understand “respect” and “sales” and “service”.

I love my BMW!

One Sunday, on my way to fetch my elderly parents to take them to the airport, something went wrong with the BMW. I drove in to the San Rafael dealership, which I had no prior affiliation with, told the salesperson what happened with the car, explained the situation with my parents and requested of him to give me a car off the lot because I was in a time crunch, would leave my car to be serviced and would return the loaner car tomorrow.

What do you think this guy did?

This guy rolled out a beautiful BMW and away I went.

When I returned the next day, there was no charge for the loaner and my car was ready to go.

I have loved my experience of doing business with the people in Emeryville and San Rafael.


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