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Ian’s Success Story

Ian’s Success Story

My experience of consulting with Janie has been a profound one. I realized a lot about myself, and my ways of being, which had been having an effect on my effectiveness in relationships with people, both personally and professionally.

The time spent on first look was to assist me in the coordination of my personal vision with my practice as a Network Spinal Analysis Doctor and as a human being. The particulars were with regards to strategizing the financial debt, income and business plan for opening a new office, and perhaps more importantly, finding out where my limits and strengths as an individual lay in listening, communicating with others and being in life.

What I greatly appreciated in working with Janie was, her ability to speak your mind clearly, without withholding anything. This in itself was a catalyst for major shifts in my awareness about myself, and my life experience. Secondly, Janie has a huge heart, one that is continually interested in giving to others. This came across in her commitment to me through our phone conversations and the time she spent working with me on different projects and issues I had going. Her commitment was to my success as a human being. Yes, we moved towards certain goals. More importantly, however, was during the process; I gained more clarity on what was really important to me. That to me was my success. Then, her efficiency to be able to look at a situation or issue and listen first and then through conversation pragmatically open up ways of viewing the issue etc., so that I could discover the truth about what was going on. Often this process was uncomfortable for me. Experiencing the limits of my awareness and my capacity for working with a particular circumstance was, for me difficult to realize I did not know how to proceed. These areas of my self were being missed, primarily in my lack of awareness. Through asking questions and staying in dialogue with me I felt empowered to discover what I truly wanted. The next stop was often revealed through fresh ideas she had, which got me to think about what might work in that particular situation. I definitely felt stretched a lot during the process. An experience for which I am grateful and as a business entails, the skills that are involved in patient and office management, business and more importantly what ties all of that together is the being. Specifically, the being in life, with the many different roles and responsibilities one plays and constantly dances with through the course of a lifetime. An increase in my effectiveness in being is what I experienced!

Consulting with Janie has allowed me to experience the many ways of being that I am with people in my practice, in life, but most importantly, with myself. I feel enriched having worked with her and I feel able to incorporate a much wider range of life experiences in my being in the world. Bless you, Janie!


Heartful Thanks,

Ian Chambers, DC