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Janie’s Story

In 1970, I got into Buddhism for about 6 months. Although it was not my path to continue in that religion, I found the Buddhists to be very kind and loving people, just like me.

I learned to chant and could actually feel the vibration of the cellular structure rise to a place where the cells would actually feel as if they were dancing. It was magical.

I also learned about my imagination and that I could visualize the results I wanted in my imagination, or you could say “my intention” and that gave me an idea of what I wanted in life.


This was where I began to live an examined life. I began to question everything about life to discern if it was what was true for me in my experience or was I operating off of a belief that someone else told me to believe, or that someone that I had respected told me “this is the way it is” and from there I acted as if what someone else said was true.

I was living in a box that I didn’t even realize I was living in. The box consisted of the points of view of my family, friends, etc. and I was only able to consciously accomplish within the parameters of who and what I was listening to.

I did not realize at this point that I was a spiritual being living in a human experience, that I was born a creative genius, that I had a purpose, that I could have an intention. I actually thought that life had the intention and that I was just doing the best I could do to ride the river of life.

Even though, I knew I was looking for something, I did not know what the something was. I just knew that I had this feeling in the solar plexus that was pulling on me.

I could already see into people’s futures, but given the nature of societal dictates and how I had been acculturated, I thought I was just “lucky” at guessing what was going to happen. And, it made me a little nervous because I had never been formally educated on having an ability to see into the future and no one in my circle of friends ever talked about it.

I thought I was happy! I had a good job (never mind that I had to drag myself out of bed every morning, I detested working with one of the managers who was a mean spirited, self-absorbed, never going to change for the better human being and little did I know I was living a “going nowhere life”. And, even in the face of all that, my performance at my job broke industry standards and loved my boss. No, I did not get a raise or any kind of bonus for breaking industry standards, but I did get a new position, with more responsibility and instead of arriving to work at 9 AM, I got to come to work at 10:00 AM and leave at 6 PM. I did love my job though.), I had good friends (that fit perfectly into societal dictates), my family loved me and I loved them.

But, I just really never fit into it all. I was living a life where I was going along with the flow, as if being swept along the current of a river, not realizing that I had any choice in the matter.


I began to take personal development courses in communication, understanding what it meant to be a human being, negotiating, integrity and completion, ethics, well-being, productivity, mastery of enrollment, creating freedom, being in service, critical thinking skills, spiritual realization, team management and leadership, accessing creative genius and at the heart of the matter, courses on love, being related, creating win/win scenario’s and living a life by design, rather than being on automatic.

What’s important here to differentiate myself from other consultants and life coaches in the market place is that not only did I take the courses, I actually worked inside of the organizations of which I was taking the courses and I produced results that broke industry standards in many venues.

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I didn’t go to a school that teaches people how to be a life coach, or a consultant, or get a degree in business management, I actually immersed myself in the organizations and took on responsibility for serving the people that cared about their transformation.

For most of my adult life I worked in venues that most people could not confront the magnitude of creation to demonstrate their ability to make things go right and I became a national phenomenon.

It was my great honor to work with thousands of amazing people that had a vision to make a valuable contribution in the world.

When I began consulting in 1980, the way in which I went about consulting was unconventional because I did not give people a cookie cutter system to accomplish their goals. I asked my clients questions that elicited their creative genius, their concerns, their gifts, their inabilities, their fears and doubts, I assuaged concerns that to the client seemed impossible to overcome and in a simple conversation had clients creating ideas and taking actions that produced unprecedented results in their world.

I worked with everyone from a business owner to a student to a mom and dad. I believe that each and every person has a contribution to make, regardless what their title in business or life is.


I look for people that have a goal, are ethical, are willing to tell the truth and be in open communication and are willing to take action that forwards the relevancy of what they’re looking to accomplish. And, what a person is looking to accomplish has to be legal, moral and ethical.

On this journey of living an examined life, I found I was very curious about what drove me to take certain actions. I questioned whether or not I was taking the actions as a reflexive response to what I was already supposed to believe, or was I taking the actions because the actions were in alignment with the depth to which I loved people, or were the actions purposeful, or were the actions in alignment with my intention to contribute to humanity so that people were inspired to live into their purpose and accomplish the goals that were close to their heart.

These discoveries help me help you. I want to use what I’ve learned to see that you are doing well, too.

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