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Philip Seymour Hoffman and Internal Suffering

Philip Seymour Hoffman was not revealing the pain that was behind the smiles and accolades of his success.

Do you have any idea the degree of internal suffering that a person has to be in to use Heroin?

We know that Philip Seymour Hoffman was an amazingly accomplished artist, won an academy award, was the father of 3 and considered a creative genius by many; his accomplishments were outstanding.

Friends! There is the “social veneer” that a person can present in life so others imagine that all is well. The truth is not being told until they’re found dead on the floor in the bathroom of their apartment with a syringe in their arm and 50 bags of heroin waiting to be fixed. Or, a kid takes a gun to school and shoots people. Or, it could simply be someone drinking the night away or being bullied at school.

These are just a few examples of the internal unrest that is alive and well in people who can be standing right next to you and representing to you that all is well, when it’s not.

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”   ~ Albert Einstein

We live in a society that is shaped by a social veneer of “I’m fine” and “It’s all good” when in fact people are suffering and turning to heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana, Prozac and other mind altering drugs, not to mention alcohol, overeating, cutting, dropping out of school and a list of means to a destructive end.

I did not personally know Philip Seymour but this guy represents another creative genius lost to deadly drugs and I would imagine that someone must have known this was going on besides his dealer, and it is possible he kept it a secret.

Do you spend your time being interesting to other people, or being interested in other people?

Are you in communication with the people that you love? Do you listen to the concerns another person has from the point of view of helping that person to find a solution to what is bothering them? Do you empathize with a person or are you critical of them and their concerns? Is it safe to talk to you?

There is a cultural condition where in people are putting up a good front and are simply not telling the truth about the amount of pain they are in, or what they are suffering about, or that they are suffering at all. Just look at it yourself. I know that you know what I am talking about and that it exists.

Are you drowning your sorrows in alcohol, pills, drugs and unwilling to tell the truth about the suffering you are experiencing to someone that can actually help you to have relief from pain?

Taking individual responsibility for oneself and causing a future of true happiness is in your hands. It takes courage and wisdom to realize you need help, to ask for help and to find the means in which you will actually receive help that is a workable solution for you.

On what could seem like a side note, when 911 happened it was amazing how people came together to help one another. It seems as if life can become a business as usual situation and we neglect to actually find out how the people around us are really doing. Then a catastrophe occurs and people naturally display a generosity of spirit and love for each other in a manner that would make this world a better place if it were an everyday occurrence.

Look, I know that people are good and mean well, but sometimes we just get too caught up in what is on our plate and we lose sight of the fact that people make the world go round.

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