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Are you seeking connections with others? Do you want to improve how you interact with your partner, friends, peers, and boss?


Relationships have revealed themselves to be the topic of most interest and concern with the most upsetting areas for people are sex and money. When you are committed to living a life by your own design and experiencing the greatest amount of flourishing and prospering, relationships will be at the heart of the matter.

“Can I trust this person? Is this person loyal? Will they be honest with me? Will life get better with this person? Will this person stay?”


With A New Beginning’s relationship coaching, you will:

  • Analyze the questions above and more
  • Find the art in yourself, others and life
  • Come to know yourself
  • Examine your own ethics and personal integrity
  • Define what is important to you in a relationship
  • …and more!


How you will get there

In a safe environment, you will tap into your creative genius and access solutions that you already had in the first place, just waiting to be realized, spoken and acted upon.

With Janie, you will find the tools you need to foster meaningful relationships that enrich your life.

The goal is to help you get what you want and know how to keep what you want so you are successful.

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