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The Creative Genius

A person is born a creative genius, with a purpose and with an innate desire to help others.

Portrait Of Man Standing Outside In Autumn Landscape

As life happens that creative genius, purpose and desire to help others can get suppressed by societal dictates and all of the accutraments around making money, like living in the right house, driving the right car, sending the kids to the right school, going to the right college. And, there is nothing wrong with any of those aspects of life. In fact, flourishing and prospering is making a valuable contribution to productive society, but there is more to life.

Being oneself, being happy with oneself, having a vision that reaches into the lives of other people and causes others to flourish and prosper. Life really comes down to “what is your vision” and are the actions you are taking in life a correlate to your vision.

In 1980, I had a spiritual realization that my purpose on this planet was to help people experience the creative genius that they were born with, to realize their purpose on this earth and to experience their greatness with regard to being the best they could be and making the world a better place. The first person I ever consulted was a small business owner that told me he hated sales. To me, sales was a no brainer. No gimmicks or techniques, just pure intention, listening, responding in a manner that served the customer to get what they wanted and showing up for a person as if you were their best friend and that person was the most important person in the world. Imagine only competing with yourself to better your last performance and viewing the world from a perspective of there being abundance in the world, plenty for everyone, and not having to undercut another’s reputation or business for you to get ahead!

I have accomplished unprecedented results and broken industry standards in 6 companies in my life.

I accomplished these results by listening to people, doing complete work and not taking any shortcuts, being respectful toward others, honoring the fact that a person has their point of view and naturally will change their mind when seeing a truth that will better serve their happiness, success and help others to be happier and more successful. People naturally want to help, be more productive and make a valuable contribution to those they touch.

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