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In my experience of Life Coaching what has only been relevant to the people I have worked with is that they have had a safe person to talk to and a strategist to create with; one who listens, sees the big picture and helps find the solutions to handling their concerns and accomplishing their goals.

The purpose of a Life Coach is to serve you in maximizing on your ability to demonstrate your ability in the area of your life that is important to you.

Life Coaching is designed specifically for you and is about you accomplishing your desired results.

When a person is open, honest and willing to take successful actions, the following reasons a person may not accomplish their goals can be affectively handled to insure peace of mind and success.

Reason #1: A person is taking an action and/or involved in a behavior that is contrary to their personal integrity.

Reason #2: A person is lacking the relevant knowledge and/or tools to successfully accomplish their goals.

Reason #3: There is someone in a person’s environment invalidating them, which is negatively impinging on the person’s ability to perform successfully.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ~ Buckminster Fuller

Through an inquiry of looking at your intended results, we will determine your solutions. I ask questions and respond to your answers in a manner that will help you expand your perspective on what is workable and in alignment with your personal integrity so you accomplish your intended results.

What you know, what you observe and what you experience is your reality.

You deserve to be your biggest fan! It is not about being egotistical. It’s about knowing who you are, recognizing your magnificence, utilizing your creative genius and demonstrating your ability.

One of my favorite clients was a brilliant man transitioning from a job into a first time business owner.

I asked him what his vision for the business was in the next year.

As he began to elaborate on his vision, saying he wanted a national presence for his products, I could see that his products were going to have an international presence.

When I told him what I saw, he laughed at me and told me that I was too optimistic. So, I just dropped it.

As a Life Coach, I honor and respect what people envision for themselves. I did not see a need to resist his dismissing my point of view because I knew he would see the results for himself.

In the moment he was writing the check to hire my services, he was “sweating bullets” and asked me to tell him that he was doing the right thing.

I said, “Do you promise to be open and honest with me and do what you say you are going to do?”

He said, “Yes”.

I said, “Write the check! You’re doing the right thing.”

For the next 3 months we had many conversations and put in the basic tools that would result in success.

By the end of that year he and his business had an international presence.

What I loved about working with this entrepreneur was that he was willing to examine his beliefs about what had to occur to produce the results he intended. He was ethical, intelligent and always willing to be better than his last performance. When he had doubts and/or concerns, he would communicate what he was experiencing openly and honestly. Although he was a strategist at heart, he would embrace ideas with curiosity and produce results that forwarded the agenda of all involved; he loved people.

As a Life Coach, I helped him pioneer and design an international market for which he is now recognized and embraced as an accomplished leader; and he married the girl of his dreams.

My greatest joy is in helping a person shed light on their concerns so that they are free from the shadows life cast on them. What reveals itself is a new beginning.